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Hello Students! Studying effectively is very important. Some students study less but score high whereas some other students study more and score fewer marks. Have you ever noticed this fact? I am sure that you are also very much eager to know how someone can score high by studying fewer hours. And in this article, I am going to give you those important interesting tips for studying effectively.

Not only in school life but also in college life, the way of study matters a lot. Till you are not getting a job, you must continue your study. Even some of you may also have to study after getting the job. If you get interested in studying then nothing can stop you from getting a high score. Many of you feel bored while studying.

When you walk in the wrong direction, it takes much time to reach the destination.  Similarly, when you don’t study effectively, it needs much effort to score high. Hardworking is good, but that must be smart work.

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Tips for studying effectively

Let’s start discussing the tips:

Understand the concept

Whenever you study a topic, first you should understand the concept. If the subject is History, try to study as if you are reading a story. If the subject is Mathematics, try to know the origin of the formulas. If the subject is Science, try to understand the concept.

Discuss with friends

If you can’t understand the topic, discuss it with your friends. You may schedule it in the break time. You also are an active part of the discussion. Share your ideas on the topics that you have understood clearly with your friends. Explain your favorite topics to them. Tell your friends the name of the chapters on which you have confusion. Let them explain these chapters to you.

Discuss with Teachers

If your friends can’t provide you with a clear concept, discuss it with your teachers after the class. During the class when the teacher allows the students to interact, you should not be silent if you don’t understand the topic. You should properly use this time and clear your doubts. You may say-“Sir/Madam, will you please repeat this portion?”

Try to understand the topic during school/college time. Don’t carry the loads at your home.

Read and write

After clearing the concept, now it is your time to store all those data in your memory. For this, you must have a good habit of writing. Whatever you have learned today in the class, write down those things after reaching your house. Make a good note. Keep it nicely. Study the notes just before the examination.

Create your own questions

While you are trying to memorize the data or trying to recall the subject that you had studied yesterday, create some questions. Also, answer those questions. Write in a rough copy. Check the answer script and take the help of the book. The incorrect answers you had given, study those topics again. Think about those questions and answers again. Check it in your mind.

Follow the classes

You must be regular and sincere while attending the classes. Follow each and every word of the teachers. Be attentive. Be punctual. Write down immediately whatever teachers say about the subject topic. If you can’t write fast, use the abbreviation form for each word. You create these abbreviation forms in your own way so that you can understand what you had written. Later at your house, you write it in a proper way so that everyone can understand. Here I am giving one example:

‘Welding is a manufacturing process’- write this sentence as: ‘wldng – a mfging proc’.

Do the exercise problems as soon as it is taught in the class

You should complete all the exercise problems immediately after your teachers finish the chapter. If you can’t answer some problems in the exercises, discuss them with your teachers the next day in the class.

Don’t postpone the work

Never postpone your works. If you postpone, one day you will see a tonnage of works to be completed. You will be stressed then.

Have a doubt clearing session

If possible, try to attend joint study at least once a week. Create a small group with your friends. Name the groups as A, B, C, etc. You organize a group study session probably virtually once a week for 2-3 hours. Discuss the doubts in that session.

Take the help of You-Tube Educational Videos

To mix the salt in the monotonous life, watch the educational videos to get interested in your study. Visit some trusted websites.

Appear for quizzes or tests

As soon as you complete one chapter, appear for a quiz on that chapter. You will get a lot of quizzes on that chapter from the internet. Thus check how much you have become an expert on that chapter.

Create your own Quiz

As already said, you create small groups within your friends and name the groups as A, B, C, etc. Now you tell all the groups to create a quiz. Group A will create a quiz on chapter 1 and Group B will create a quiz on chapter -2, and so on.  Then during the doubt clearing session, appear for the quiz set by other groups. You only manage the virtual classroom.

Teach someone who is junior to you

When you teach someone, you can come to know your weakness and strength.  Once, you come to know your weakness, you will have a strong desire to convert those into strengths.

You will achieve a strong desire in studying.

Donate your knowledge

If you can donate what you have learned, your knowledge will grow.  A lot of questions on the corresponding subject will reflect in your mind. By answering those questions, you will be able to enhance your knowledge.

Earn a little

Earning is the primary reason for education.  Earning gives us a better life, a better future. Every one of us is very eager to handle a better future. Try to earn a little by doing some activities while studying in schools/colleges. It may be online typing work, coding, programming, helping a shopkeeper, helping the society, helping a school, teaching the kids, etc.

When you earn, you help yourself. You help your parents. You become mature. You become habituated to coping up with the current problem- unemployment.  You become confident. You become an expert in multi-tasking.  Your mind will be refreshing.  As a result, you can focus on your study.

Study few hours but make it effective

Don’t sit taking your books in your hand always. Being relaxed is also necessary to have an effective study.

Have a good sleep

If you can’t have a good, sound sleep, you can’t study effectively. Sleeping is very necessary. It helps your brain to understand the reading materials quickly.

Have Healthy Foods

Always try to eat healthy foods that will keep you fit and energetic. How can you study if your health is not good?

Drink plenty of Water

If you can’t drink enough amount of water, then a lot of problems may arise. As a result, you may face health problems. Then, you can’t study properly.

Spend sometime with your hobby

You should spend at least a few minutes per day with your hobby. When you be with your hobby, you become energetic mentally. The power of your mind increases. Who can prevent you from studying where the mind is powerful?

Exercise and Meditate

Fix at least 10-15 minutes time for exercises and mediation. You may do free-hand exercises as well. You must be regular in these activities. Then only, positivity will grow inside your mind.

These are the major tips for studying effectively. Follow these tips at least for 3 months, and then see the changes. I can ensure you that it will become your habit after 3 months. You will not stop following these tips until you stop studying. And you will realize the benefit of these tips after 3 months. Following these tips is a smart way to study. Not only you should work hard but also you should work in a smart way. If you find any difficulties in following these tips, let me know by writing in the comment box. Best Wishes!

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