About Us

“Multiplechoicequestion.com” is an educational site for school and college students. It is a free resource site where students can evaluate themselves. Students read the textbooks and then directly appear for the final examination. As a result, they get fear and tension. They don’t come to know how strong they are in a particular subject.

Therefore it is very necessary to evaluate themselves after studying one chapter. Here, they can test themselves and can come to know how much they are prepared in a particular subject and it is totally free of cost.

In this advanced era of online, there are many questions which are of multiple choice types even in school examinations too. There are so many competitive examinations even in school life which are completely of MCQ based.


This site is constructed so that students

  • can build a strong base
  • can evaluate themselves
  • can remove fear of appearing final examinations.

This will help the students for long run. Even after school life also, they can evaluate and prepare themselves for competitive examinations.

We encourage the students to read school text books and then check themselves how much they are prepared for that particular chapter.

Further, I have added another category here for solving your curiosities in other areas. Students are very much curious to know each other as a friend, as a best friend, etc. The articles belong to this category will certainly help you in raising the questions to know your friends. I think this category will make you relaxed and refreshed.

Also falling in love with your classmate or liking your classmate may hamper your studies. I will help you in overcoming those obstacles so that you can focus in your studies. Attention in your study is very important and my responsibility is to take care of you in this matter.


I love to educate myself. When I educate the little ones, I can educate myself in a better way. So I choose to educate all students with the help of advanced technology and that is by opening a site. Though by profession I am an Assistant Professor in a private engineering college in Mechanical Engineering, I love to educate from the beginning to build a career of a student.