Short Questions and Answers on Computer Hardware and Software [ PDF Included]

Are you searching for an article that can clear your concept on Computer Hardware and Software? In this article, I will discuss some Short Questions and Answers on Computer Hardware and Software in such a way so that you can clear your concept. Everything under hardware and software will be covered here.

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Now let’s start the short questions on Computer Hardware and Software.

Short questions on Computer Hardware and Software

What is computer hardware?

Ans: Computer hardware is the physical parts of a computer that can be touched, seen. Some hardware is located outside the computer. Examples are Keyboard, monitor, UPS, CPU, Mouse, etc.

Some physical parts are located inside the computer that can’t be seen from the outside. If you open the computer, then you can take those parts in your hand. Examples are the motherboard, graphics card, sound card, data storage.

What is computer software?

Ans: Computer software is a program that comprises a set of instructions. The instructions are typed as coding. This program or these instructions or the coding can’t be seen and touched.

Examples are operating systems like Windows, Linux; search engines like Google, yahoo search, etc. A simple example is the paint program. When you draw a sketch, the sketch is visible on the monitor. Separately, you can’t touch the paint program.

What are the different types of Hardware?

Ans: There are mainly 5 different types of hardware components. Hardware involved in

  • Input devices
  • Output devices
  • Processing system
  • Storage system
  • Communication devices

Name some hardware components involved in Input Devices.

Ans: Keyboard, Mouse, Scanner, etc.

Name some hardware components involved in Output Devices.

Ans: Printer, monitor, speaker, etc.

Name some hardware components involved in processing system.

Ans: central processing unit, motherboard, sound card, video card, graphics processing unit, etc.

Name some hardware components involved in storage system

Ans: Hard disc, RAM (Random access memory), ROM (Read-only memory), CD disc, DVD disc, USB Flash memory, etc.

Name some hardware components involved in Communication devices.

Ans: Bluetooth devices, Modem, Network card, Wi-fi router, etc.

What are the different types of Software?

Ans: There are mainly 3 different types of software. They are:

  • System software
  • Application software
  • Programming language software

What is System software? Explain by giving a suitable example.

Ans: A system software is the manager of the computer. It acts as a driver of the Hardware parts and then links the end-user with the hardware by creating an interface.

Features of software:

  • It is a computer program that is used to run the other applications
  • It is an integral part of the computer. It is not visible as in background it runs.
  • It maintains the computer’s basic functions

Examples of System Software:

Operating systems like DOS, Linux, Android, Microsoft Windows are the system software. Without any one of these, the computer will not run. These are programming languages and that’s why these are not visible.

What is Application software? Explain by giving a suitable example.

Ans: The software that is used for a particular task is called application software. As for example: Microsoft word, Microsoft Excel, VLC Player, etc are used to operate a specific task. We can write the paragraphs, draw, and insert some equations in Microsoft word whereas we can do mathematical calculations in Microsoft Excel. We can hear the music in VLC Player.

Similarly, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc are examples of application software.  

What is Programming language software? Explain by giving a suitable example.

Ans: A software that comprises a set of instructions or commands is known as a programming language software. For example, C, C++, Java, Python, etc are the different types of programming languages.

What are the differences between Hardware and Software?

  •  Hardware is the physical components of a device like Computer, Laptop,etc. whereas Software is a set of instructions.
  • Hardware can be touched whereas software can’t be touched.
  • Programming languages run the system software and the system software manages the different components of the hardware. Due to the application software, the information reaches the end-user.
  • Examples of hardware are CPU, Monitor, Keyboard, UPS, Mouse, etc. whereas examples of software are MS Word, Powerpoint, Paint, Photoshop, etc.

What are the full form of the RAM and ROM?

Ans: RAM is Random Access Memory and ROM is Read-Only Memory.

What is RAM and ROM?

Ans: Random Access Memory( RAM) is short-term memory. The name itself describes that it can’t store the data for a long time. It is a volatile memory.

Read-only memory is a nonvolatile memory. Here, the data are stored even when the power source is not available. It stores the data/instructions permanently.

What is the purpose of the ROM?

Ans: ROM stores the data that are required to start the computer. Also, ROM updates the software of the computer.

What is the function of RAM?

Ans:  While you continue your work on the Computer, you need to store the data. Ram stores these data during your work. When you turn off the power, the data are lost. But you can store those data in hard drives so that you can continue your work on next day.

What is difference between ROM and Hard drives?

Ans: ROM stores the data that the computer needs for starting. Hard drives store the data of your work.

What is programming language?

Ans: A programming language is a language by which the computer communicates with us, the end-user. This language is called binary language.

What are the different types of a programming language?

Ans: The different types of programming languages are:

  • Machine level language
  • Assembly level language
  • High-level language

Hello readers! I hope that the article “Short Questions and Answers on Computer Hardware and Software” is helpful to you. If I have missed something while trying to cover the basics of the hardware and software, then please indicate the same by writing in the comment box. I will try to cover that missed item too by modifying this article. Also, if you find any type of mistake, please don’t hesitate to inform me the same. Thank you! Stay happy and stay blessed!

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