Multiple-Choice Questions or Objective Type Questions on Soldering and Brazing [PDF Included]

Here, I will bring some Multiple-Choice Questions or Objective Type Questions on Soldering and Brazing. The MCQ questions are in form of a quiz.

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MCQ on Soldering and Brazing

Here is a test based on multiple-choice questions on soldering and brazing.

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MCQ on soldering and brazing

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Which of the joining process is used while making jewellery?

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Soldering iron is of wedge shaped to ___.

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A soldering iron tip is made of ______.

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The solidus temperature of tin-lead solders is___.

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Which materials are joined by tin-zinc solders?

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Spelter is like______.

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Which one of the following acts as flux?

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Flux is used in soldering for _____.

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In a 60-40 solder:

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Which is the strongest solder?

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Temperature in hard soldering is ______.

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Temperature in soft soldering is_______.

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Which of the following joint is stronger?

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The temperature in the brazing is

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The temperature in soldering is

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The multiple-choice questions mentioned here are the basic questions from the chapter “soldering and brazing”. This will help you in clearing the viva during the semester examination.

If you want more details on this topic, then proceed further and read the following text.

Short questions on soldering and brazing

What is Soldering?

Soldering is a joining process like welding. In this process, you can join different types of materials where solder, a metal alloy melts and helps in the joining process.

What is solder?

Solder is an alloy consisting of tin and lead. During soldering, this alloy melts with the help of hot iron of temperature more than 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is Brazing?

Brazing is a joining process like soldering. In this process, the temperature of the filler material is more than 840 degrees Fahrenheit. Here, base metal or parent metal does not melt as in soldering.

What are the differences between Soldering and brazing?

The main difference between soldering and brazing exists in the temperature of the filler material. When the filler material melts below 840 degrees Fahrenheit, the process is soldering, otherwise, it is brazing.

Which materials are used in soldering?

Lead-based materials are used in soldering. Recently, brass, copper, tin, silver, antimony, etc. are replacing the lead from the filler material as lead is not good for the environment.

What are the different types of soldering?

There are two different types of soldering processes:

Soft soldering

It is a soldering process where filler material melts between 90 degrees Celsius and 450 degrees Celsius. Due to low-temperature use, it is soft soldering.

Hard soldering

A soldering process in which filler materials those melts at higher than 450 degree Celsius are used is hard soldering.

Depending on the filler material, there are three types of soldering:

  • Lead based soldering
  • Lead free soldering
  • Flux soldering

Which one is the strongest solder?

A 60-40 solder i.e. 60% tin and 40% lead is the strongest solder. The melting point is low but the joining bond is strongest. The minimum melting temperature of this alloy is 183 degrees Celsius. It is solidus temperature.

What is flux?

Flux is a purifying, cleaning agent. It removes any oxides and impurities from the surrounding of the soldering zone and thus helps in preparing the metal surfaces for soldering.

Give some examples that are used as flux.

Hydrochloric acid, zinc chloride, ammonium chloride, etc. are used as a flux.

Even, petroleum jelly and Vaseline may also be used as a flux.

Which materials, you should not braze?

For making jewelry from gold and silver or for making any other components from gold or silver, you should not braze. These materials perform better in low heat. Soldering provides a strong bond for these materials.

What is the purpose of brazing rod?

As the welding rod helps in welding, in the same way brazing rod also helps brazing. It is a tool that helps in the brazing process.

Similarly, we use soldering iron in soldering. The tip of soldering iron is of copper core. Copper is used in the core so that it can transfer heat.

Soldering iron is wedge-shaped so that it can retain heat.

What are the advantages of brazing?

The advantages of brazing are:

  • Brazing provides stronger joint than that of soldering.
  • It can join dissimilar materials.
  • Post processing heat treatment is not required.

I hope that the multiple-choice questions or objective-type questions on soldering and brazing will help you a lot. If you want me to write on some other topic, please let me know by writing in the comment box so that I can bring MCQ questions on that topic too. Thank you. Best wishes.

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