Multiple-Choice Questions or Objective Type Questions on Ratio and proportion [PDF Included]

Here, I will show you some Multiple-Choice Questions or Objective Type Questions on ratio and proportion and some short questions on this chapter.

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Quiz on Ratio and Proportion

The multiple-choice questions mentioned here are the basic questions from the chapter- “ratio and proportion” that will help you to evaluate.

Here is the quiz for you.

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Ratio and proportion mcq questions

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4:7::x:35, then x will be _______.

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Which one is correct if a:b :: c:d

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Two numbers are in the ratio 10:11. One number is 1500. The other number is __________.

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The ratio of income and expenditure is 6:5. The savings will be Rs.__________ if the income is Rs.30000.

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Which is the equivalent ratio of 5:7

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Divide Rs.2100 among A,B, and C in the ratio 1:2:3. A,B, and C will get Rs.________.

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The simplest form of 2 weeks : 20 days is_______.

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Simplest form of 40 minutes: 3 hours is ____.

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Divide 18 numbers chocolates between Nila and Shila in the ratio 2:1. How many chocolates will Shila and Nila get?

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The ratio between boys and girls is 3:2. Total number of students is 50. How many girls are there?

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Rohan earns Rs.22500 per month and saves Rs.3600 per month. What is the simplest form of ratio between his earnings and savings?

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Simplest form of 1.5 kg to 2500 gm?

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What is the simplest form of: 50 paise to Rs4?

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45:90::8:16, which terms are known as means?

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45:90::6:12 - which terms are known as extremes?

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Which one is consequent in the ratio 5:7?

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In the following ratio, which is the antecedent:

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Simplest form of 75:60 is _________.

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Simplest form of 60:45 is

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Equivalent ratio of 3:4 is _________.

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If you want to clear the concept and want more details on Ratio and Proportion, then you must proceed further to read the following short questions.

Short questions on ratio and proportion

What do you mean by ratio of numbers?

Assume any fraction – (x/y), where x and y both are non-zero numbers. In this case, we write it as (x/y). You can read it as- “x is to y”.

What are antecedent and consequent in ratio and proportion?

In the above example i.e.(x/y), the first term ‘x’ i.e. the term which is the numerator is antecedent and the term ‘y’ i.e. in the denominator is consequent.

What is equivalent ratio? Explain with examples.

Any ratio has two parts- one is antecedent and the other one is consequent. If you multiply both of these terms by same non-zero numbers, you will get equivalent ratio.

Assume one fraction as 

Now, multiply both the terms by 3, then the ratio will be


Therefore, the equivalent ratio of (2/5) is (6/15).

In this way, you will get a lot of equivalent ratios.

What is the simplest form of ratio?

A ratio (x/y) is the simplest form if the H.C.F of ‘x’ and ‘y’ is 1.

How to convert a given ratio to its simplest form?

Assume a ratio (15:25). You have to convert it into the simplest form.

15:25= 15/25=[(15/5)/(25/5)]=(3/5)

What do you mean by proportion?

When the two ratios are equal, we say that it is in proportion.

Assume a:b= c:d. In this case, we can say that a,b,c,and d are in proportion. And we can write it as-a:b::c:d.

What are the extremes, means in ratio?

When a,b,c, and d are in proportion; we write it as- a:b::c:d. In this case, the first and fourth terms are the extreme terms or extremes. And the middle terms i.e. 2nd and 3rd terms are means.

What is the formula to remember on proportion?

Product of extremes = product of means

In the above said example, a*d = b*c  

Numerical on ratio and proportion

Q1. There are 25 numbers boys and 15 numbers girls in class two. What is the ratio between girls and boys?

Note: be very careful about what ratio is asked for.

Here, the ratio you have to find between girls and boys and not between boys and girls.

Girls/ Boys = 15/25= 3/5

Hence, the ratio between girls and boys is 3:5

If in the question, it is mentioned that you have to find the ratio between boys and girls, then you have to calculate in the following way:

Boys/girls= 25/15=5/3

Boys:girls = 5:3

Q2. What is the equivalent ratio between 50m and 2500 cm?

Ans: Note: In this type of problem, first convert the parameters into same units.

50m: 200cm= 5000cm: 2500cm = 1:5

Hence, equivalent ratios of 1:5 are:




Q3. There are total 85000 people in a village. Ratio between men and women is 5:3. What are the numbers of men and women living in that village?

Men: women = 5:3

Total population=85000

Number of men = {5/(5+3)}*85,000

= (5/8)*85000=53,125

Number of women= {3/(5+3)}*85000


Ratio and proportion gives a complete picture by which you can compare. If total number of students is given and ratio between boys and girls is given; you can easily calculate the total number of boys and the total number of girls.

I hope that the MCQ question along with short questions on ratio and proportion will help you in clearing the concept.

The way we explain the topic through some questions will develop interest within you. You can write your questions / queries on ratio and proportion so that I can clarify those also. Send your queries in the comment box. Thank you. Best wishes.

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