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There is no limit to questioning. When I was in my first year in college, I remembered how the seniors were asking questions to me, and also I remembered the questions raised by the teachers. I did not forget the questions that I faced during my school life too. Due to a lack of maturity, I could not able to answer those questions. Well, in this article, I will help you to answer the harder questions without gaining maturity. In life, we all have to pass our days through different, tough times. There are many Hard Questions to Answer in student life.

Maturity is the key to answering those questions. When you grow, you realize that the answers to the hard questions are not harder to answer. Also, you realize that for answering these types of questions, you need maturity, presence of mind, etc. You will gain these two valuable assets once you gain experience.

Some questions are there that may have many answers. After a few years, you realize that the answers you gave; the same answers you will not give today though the same questions are asked. Life has many stages. We always understand a particular stage better when we overcome that stage. When we reach the Adult stage, we can understand the difficulties of children and the solutions to overcome those.

I will help you in answering the Hard Questions that are harder to answer.

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Hard Questions to Answer

Question 1:

What do you want to be?

The question is hard if you are in your school life. Question is harder if you are immature. Still, you can handle the questions in this way.

Answer:  I want to be a real, kind, benevolent human being. Professionally right now, I am very much interested in being a Mathematician as I love Mathematics.

Question 2:

Will you go for higher study?

The answer will vary from person to person. But always try to give the answer as short as possible.

Answer(1): No, due to my poor financial condition, I have to search for a job.

Answer(2): Yes, I will.

Don’t spend extra words if you are not confident.

Question 3:

If you were an interviewer, which question will you ask first?

Answer(1): Why should I take you to my organization?

Answer(2): In which field do you like to work here and why?

You have to say such a question for which you can answer easily.

Question 4:

For which quality, you should be proud?

Answer: I am proud of my honesty and kindness.

Question 5:

What is your weakness?

Answer: I can’t help helping others.

This means you can’t stay without helping others.

Question 6:

What is your strength?

Answer: My truthfulness

Question 7:

Whom do you love most- father or mother?

Answer: I love both of them equally.

Question 8:

How will you appreciate yourself?

Answer: I whisper in my mind and say to myself-“ You are an ideal person in this world. You can do whatever you want. Just carry on your good works”.

Question 9:

Out of 10, how much will you give to yourself for maintaining life’s moral values?

Answer: 9

(Why not 10? Answer: This is because sometimes life compels us to tell a lie, sometimes life compels us to give punishment to others and to be rude to others otherwise I will suffer.)

Question 10:

If you win a lottery of 1 crore, how will you spend? Which item will you buy first?

Answer: I will try to open a new business so that I can provide jobs to others.

Question 11:

What will you do after getting your first salary?

Answer: I will give half of the salary to my parents and from the rest, half the amount I will donate to the poor people and the rest I will keep for myself.

Question 12:

Imagine that all the living things, animals, human beings died due to a tsunami. But you were alive, what will you do? How will you feel? Will you feel lucky or unlucky?

Answer:  I will feel lonely. I will pray to God for taking me where my relatives and friends are. Definitely, I will feel that I am unlucky.

Question 13:

If you get a chance to meet with our Prime Minister, what will you say?

Answer: I will say to provide jobs to the people who are asking for. For this, he has to increase the number of posts, the number of companies, industries. Unemployment is the biggest problem in our country.

Question 14:

If you have been given the post of Prime Minister for a month, how will you prove to yourself that you are better than others?

Answer: Time is too short to prove me. Still, I will take the benefit of that one month’s time. I will eradicate the root cause of unemployment. I will reduce the salary of the people who are getting more than 1.5-2 lakhs per month and will increase the salary who are getting below 50 thousand. Thus, I will try to balance the flow of money among the people.

Question 15:

If you have the power to modify the world, which thing will you change first?

Answer: I will try to increase the speed of the flow of the money that is stuck as a huge amount of cash with some rich persons. Also, I will eradicate the death punishment for the rapists; instead, I will make them handicapped and allow them to spend their entire life in jail.

Question 16:

On the day if you become famous, what will you say to your followers?

Answer:  Always maintain your honesty and kindness. Be a good human being.

Question 17:

What type of partner do you prefer?

Answer:  I prefer a friendly partner who will be ideal to me always.

Question 18:

You are driving your car. Suddenly, a poor beggar who was suffering from a disease appears in front of you. Blood is coming out of his legs. How will you help him? Or will you ignore him?

Answer: As I am driving a car, I am definitely going somewhere and busy with some works. So, in this situation, I will provide him with a certain amount of money and will tell him to take the treatment as early as possible.

Question 19:

You are walking on the road. Suddenly, you see a gold necklace on the street. What will you do?

Answer: If I am busy doing something and I don’t have enough time, I will take it and keep it with me. Later, I will give it to the police for investigation. Also, I will inform the locality about the missing gold necklace. But if the necklace is of simply golden color but not made of original gold, then I will ignore it.

Question 20:

If God comes in front of you and tells you to want the things you require. What are the things will you ask for?

Answer:  I will ask for equality, employment of all people who are willing to work, peace, and happiness.


After knowing the tricks, I hope that now you will not feel as hard questions to answer. Am I right? If you come across such interesting questions at any stage of your life that are hard to answer, don’t hesitate to share with me. Surely, I will give a good solution how to answer those hard questions. Stay happy and stay blessed!

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